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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

 First off, before I get deep into the re-cap of our trip, if you've never taken a solo trip with your significant other since having it. We've taken two weekend trips since having Wyatt and Stella, but this was our first long trip solo. It was amazing. I can't tell you how many times during the trip, and since we've been back, that I've teared up just being so thankful for this special man that I'm with. Our marriage is not perfect, we've had our share of ups and downs, especially since having kids. But this trip really reminded both of us how much we love each other, and how thankful we are for one another. With all that being said, I'll shut-up and start our recap!

When we were planning our trip we tried to make transitions as easy for our kiddos and on our parents, since they were gracious enough to keep our wild two. And make it as cost efficient as possible. We decided to fly out of Tulsa which is about an 1.5 from my parents, and our original flight was supposed to leave around 8:30. That was changed at some point by the airlines and we were scheduled to leave at 6:30. Yay us! I think I got an hour of sleep the night before flying out.

With an early flight and the time change we landed in San Fran around 1. But, unfortunately, we lost about 2 hours waiting for a rental car. After finally getting a car (which really paid off because we were upgraded to a BMW X5!!) our first stop was the Golden Gate Bridge.

It really is as intimidating as it seems. Huge. And it was super windy.

We then headed into the city to find some dinner, hit up Patagonia, and an outdoor store before leaving town to set up camp.

We drove over the Bay Bridge, through Oakland,  and out of town about 30 minutes before arriving at Anthony Chabot Regional Park. It was such a beautiful area. We pretty much arrived, set-up camp, and hit the hay. 

Fun story, before we fell asleep we kept hearing a turkey down in the woods somewhere. Guess what we woke up to at about 6?? A Tom turkey. Right by our tent. It was so loud and obnoxious. Then I headed out to snap some pics and found the rest of his family, baby and all. 

We ate some breakfast and then hit the road for Yosemite. 

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