Ten Prayers from a Praying Mother

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

You know you do it. It's first thing in the morning, your toddler is having a complete meltdown. He pointed to the juice in the fridge, you made the juice, and then he decides he wanted milk. And what are you doing? Praying. Lord, please give me strength to get through this day. Give me the patience to communicate without overreacting.

These are ten prayers that I pray everyday, at some point. It may not be first thing in the morning, but sometime during the day I'm reminded to say each one of these prayers.
{one} Patience | Patience for when my children aren't listening or they're misbehaving, and I need to be patient when communicating.
{two} Strength | Strength for when I'm tired and feel as though I can't handle one more argument with my three year old. 
{three} Peace | Prayers of peace for when my children are fighting. Or when I just need a reminder to stay calm.
{four} Guidance | Guidance for when I'm not sure how to discipline, or whether I should just let a battle go.
{five} Understanding | Prayers for understanding when things don't go as planned throughout the day.
{six} Role Model | Prayers that I will be a role model for my children. I want to model the kind of person that I want them to be.
{seven} Wisdom | Wisdom so that I can make the best choices and decisions throughout the day for my children.
{eight} Health & Safety | Health and safety of my children. Whether they're playing at the park or falling out of chairs.
{nine} Forgiveness | Forgiveness for when I've lost the ability to stay calm. Maybe I say something I shouldn't, or just handle a situation poorly.
{ten} Thanksgiving | Prayers of thanksgiving for the two toddlers that I get to call mine.

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