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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A couple weeks ago I shared about a great online glasses company, Warby Parker. (You can find that post here.) One of the great things I shared is that Warby Parker offers a Home Try-On option, which is especially great for moms! So I took advantage and wanted to share about my experience. 
First off, they have so many great options and it was so hard to pick just 5 pairs of glasses to try! I narrowed down my options and ordered them on a Monday, and they were on my doorstep by Friday!

They arrived in this great heavy duty box, with a return shipping label included! 
LEIGHTY in Striped Sassafras

{one} These were by far my most favorite! So comfortable! I have a hard time finding glasses that fit my face; they're usually too wide and they always want to slide off. These fit perfectly! 
 LEIGHTY in River Stone Blue Fade

{two} These were the same style as above, LEIGHTY, but they felt larger on my face when I looked in the mirror. Again, they were really comfortable and I actually liked color combo more in person. 

STREETER in Hickory Fade

{three} The STREETER were too large for my face. Like I mentioned before, they always felt like they were going to slide right off. The color on them was really pretty, though.

ANDERS in Crystal

{four} I actually kind of liked these. They were a small frame and they fit really well, but Sean immediately didn't like the "clear look". 

STOCKTON in Whiskey Tortoise

{five} I wasn't too sure about the round look, but they were comfortable. I liked the tortoise print, which is usually my go-to anyways. 

All in all, the Home Try-On option worked out really well! I will definitely try it again in the future when I'm on the hunt for some new glasses. It sure beats taking the kids to help me pick out glasses! 
I should also mention that they also have sunglasses that are available for home try-on as well! Just in time for summer!
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**I was not reimbursed by Warby Parker for this post; I enjoy sharing great products with you all. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**