School's Out for Summer

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Wyatt had his last day in the two-year-old class today. Cue the tears. 
As you can tell he was not sad about it. At all. Although, I'm not sure he fully understands that he won't be going back to Mrs. Brittany's class ever again.

 All of the classes put on a little program and the 5 year olds had their "graduation". 
As you can see Wyatt was not shy, at all. He was jumping and singing and yelling at me through the entire performance. It was quite entertaining.

We have loved having Mrs. Brittany as our teacher this year! Wyatt has learned so much and has really blossomed into a social butterfly. He's also made some new friends this year and I know he'll miss them this summer.  

And I think Stella is going to be really upset when she realizes that she won't be in Mrs. Brittany's class next year. But she will at least be in Mrs. Dana's. Really cue the tears.
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