Potty Training Success...Finally!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I'm finally ready to say that Wyatt is finally completely potty trained. We are officially a house free of pull-ups. Sorta. But more on that in a minute.

Wyatt's potty training journey started for us back in January. You can read more here, but basically he was ready...to pee in the potty. He was potty trained pretty quickly and was really good at peeing in the potty, or in anything. We did not have very good luck with getting him to poop in the potty. We ultimately made the decision to wait until we thought he was a little more ready. 
Fast forward to two weeks ago. Basically we were at the point where Wyatt was wearing pull-ups at nap-time, bedtime, and whenever he needed to poop (he was very good at telling us!). Sometime around the beginning of May he started waking up in the mornings, and after naps, completely dry. We decided that he was ultimately ready to give-up pull-ups, and I was ready for the task of getting him to poop in the potty (or so I thought). 

Below is basically a summarization of how it went. And let me just add, when I say he didn't want to sit on the potty, I'm saying like screaming, crying, yelling--didn't want to sit on the potty.
Friday, May 13--First night without a pull-up. No accidents.
Saturday, May 14--Day 2, no pull-ups. Didn't poop and didn't want to sit on the potty.
Sunday, May 15--Day 3, no pull-ups. Pooped in his underwear during nap-time. Didn't want to sit on the potty.
Monday, May 16--Fought hard on not wanting to poop in the potty. I cut a hole in one of Stella's diapers (we had no pull-ups). He wore the diaper and pooped while sitting on the potty. (Daddy went after work and bought more pull-ups.)
Tuesday, May 17--Again, really fought me on not wanting to sit on the potty. I got him to sit on the potty and poop while wearing a pull-up. (Still no pull-ups at nap-time or bedtime, and no accidents.)
Wednesday, May 18--Did not want to sit on the potty and poop but he FINALLY did it!! Received a sticker and ice cream. And daddy took him to the store for a prize!
Thursday, May 19--Pooped on the potty while we were at a friend's house. Did not fight me too hard and received a Popsicle.
Friday, May 20--Held it most of the day but did poop on the potty, and got ice cream afterwards.
Saturday, May 21--Willingly (at my request) sat on the potty and "tried" multiple times but didn't poop.
Sunday, May 22--Told me he needed to poop but then said he didn't need to. I told him to try and he pooped. Again, he got ice cream and a sticker.

We finally made it to the point where he now tells us when he needs to go and takes the initiative on his own. He still gets a little nervous when he first sits down and tries to get out of it, but we just ask him to try. 

It's such a nice feeling to not have to worry about potty training. Oh, wait. After all that, now Stella is potty training. SMH. I won't go into a lot of detail yet but she has pretty much potty trained herself.
Moral of the story, your child will eventually be potty trained. It may not all happen at once but it will happen. And then, if you're like me, you'll start all over on another kid.
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