Five Things Your Child Should Hear From You Everyday

Thursday, May 12, 2016

There are five positive things that I really work hard to say to my children everyday. My hope is that they will hear it and pass it on to others. I want my children to speak to others in the way they would like to be spoken to. But I also want them to show genuine respect to others.

Please & Thank You | This is something that is so simple to say and yet so many don't. I say this for anything--Thank you for putting your shoes away. Thanks for bringing me your cup. Please get off the table.
I'm sorry | Did you lose your cool? Overreact? It's ok but own it, and apologize to your child and explain what you did wrong. They need to know that even grown-ups (and mommies) make mistakes.
You are so nice | That was so nice, you gave Sissy her blanket. Children need to know that you recognize the good/nice behaviors that they do. When they are praised for those positive behaviors then they will want to continue to do them.
You are so handsome/beautiful | I think back to my 'awkward' years. You know, the bangs that weren't quite long enough and had to be clipped back, the braces, glasses. Yea, those years. And I don't ever remember thinking I was ugly, and that was all because I had my mom reminding me of how pretty I was. You definitely don't want that to be the only thing they ever hear because then that's all they will ever care about.
You are so smart | I know some people may feel like, well, I don't want to make them cocky or big headed, and tell everyone they're the smartest. But, why not? If they believe they are smart and can do anything, then they will. If they believe they can move mountains then they will.

There are so many negative things said everyday, let what you say be a positive for your children.

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