Our Weekend

Monday, May 2, 2016

This weekend was filled with lots of fun! We had family in town for Wyatt's 3rd birthday party. Wyatt and Stella definitely enjoyed all of the extra attention, and I appreciated the extra hands. I really was not ready for this weekend to end.
Late Friday afternoon my Dad, Gramma, Aunt Kenzi, & Uncle Levi arrived for the weekend. Since we had extra hands, Sean and I jumped at the opportunity to all go out for dinner. We rarely go out by ourselves with both kids. It's just too much work.


When we got home we quickly got the kids in the bath and then had a little playtime.

After the kids were down, and daddy too, my Mom and step-dad arrived, too!

Saturday was all about party-ing!! I'm going to do an entire separate post on that, but it was lots of fun!

The kids immediately went down for naps after the party. While the kids napped we all sat around and visited, and enjoyed the beautiful weather outside. And after naps Wyatt and Stella enjoyed lots of playtime with their Aunt Kenzi & Uncle Levi!

We had some more playtime before everyone had to leave. Pop and Wyatt put together Wyatt's new basketball goal and Wyatt took lots of pictures on his new camera. 

We ended our weekend with some family time outside with water guns and a walk around the neighborhood. Is it Friday yet??

Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!
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