Weekend Re-Cap

Monday, April 4, 2016

Whew! What a weekend! Can we get a do-over?? I need a break! It was kind of one of those weekends where you don't really do much but feel like you barely sat down. Yea.

Our Friday was pretty lazy and pretty much looked like this. Wyatt is constantly asking for the "ghost" on mommy's phone.

And this...

Lots of laundry, grocery shopping, and playtime outside.

Saturday was spent working on the house. Since doing our addition last summer we still have a list of a few things to do, one was to put a window in our old master (since we covered up the old one). 

This is how it started. 

And after Sean worked all day, this is how it looks now.

Now we can have the brick work finished up and get the entire exterior of the house painted.

My job was to entertain the kids; which meant lots of outside time, toy play, play-doh, and coloring. Aaand Ipad time.

Sean and I finally ate sandwiches together at about 9pm and watched a little TV.

We got up and around for church on Sunday morning. Afterwards we grabbed some take-out & ate before putting the kids down. While the kids napped we dozed and watched some TV on the couch.

We wrapped up the night with smoked chicken, swinging & jumping, and TWD season finale. I mean, were you not sick to your stomach the entire show?? 

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