The Kids Behind the Blog, April 2016

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I'm linking up today with Crystal, Beth, Jessica, Stephanie, & Meghan for The Kids Behind the Blog! This is one of my favorite link-ups because I love hearing Wyatt's answers...or lack there of, at times! 

 photo The Kids Behing The Blog-blog_zps8hmjowu6.jpg

I recorded his answers this time and I'm so happy I did! I want to remember this phase and his little voice forever! Also, please excuse my frog voice, we're all a little under the weather.

1. What do you like to do with your friends?
2. Who is your favorite person?
3. What do we do when it's sunny outside?
4. What do we do when its rainy outside? 
5. What would you plant in your garden? 

Thanks for hosting, ladies! Can't wait for May's questions & link-up! 

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