Our Weekend Getaway

Monday, April 11, 2016

If you follow me on social media (Instagram/Snapchat (ash_dorey)/Twitter) then you are probably aware that Sean and I had a mini-vacation over the weekend. We took the kids to Mimi and Pop's and spent two glorious nights in a hotel room...alone. We haven't had any time away since last July, so it was really nice! 

We spent the first night at a Mumford and Sons concert with some of our best friends. We enjoyed a little happy hour at the hotel before heading to dinner and then the concert.

I always get so tickled by Sean when we're at a concert. He is so anti-picture/social media but when you get a drink in him..he can't put his phone down! 

We stayed up way too late and drank a little too much but had so much fun! 

Saturday we slept in...until 9:45, y'all! It was amazing to sleep so late, even if I did have a headache. We finally made it out of the room around 11 and grabbed some coffee and pizza. We ate at Iriana's, and just like last time, it did not disappoint! Then we jumped on the trolley and rode around the city for a bit.

Saturday afternoon we ran a few errands, Target, Carter's, and checked out some swing sets. By the time we got back to the hotel we weren't quite ready to eat, so we rode one last ride on the trolley. Then we hit up a micro-brewery, Lost 40, for drinks and dinner. Best grilled cheese, ever.

After dinner we did a little walking and took in some city sites. At about 8 we decided we weren't ready to call it a night (since we had another day of sleeping in) so we went to see Eye in the Sky. And it was our first movie experience with alcohol and recliners! WHAT??

Sunday morning we got up and grabbed some breakfast at the hotel and then set out on a walk.
We found some big boy toys and did a little train watching. We may have walked around a No Trespassing fence...oops!

After our walk around the river we decided to tour the USS Razorback (which we learned is completely coincidence that it's named that). It was pretty neat, and incredibly crowded. I could not imagine 60+ men on one of these things.

We then went across the street to Cregeen's Irish Pub for lunch. And a drink. Or two.
We then hopped on the trolley and headed back to our hotel. Ran a couple more errands and then headed to get our kiddos!

We had such a fun weekend and it was so nice to spend some time with my favorite guy!