{FIVE} Favorite Moments of Wyatt's Birthday Week

Friday, April 29, 2016

Wyatt's birthday week has been a bit, interesting. His day definitely wasn't the kind that, as a mom, you play in your head. But thankfully, he is only three and we have lots more birthdays to celebrate. But here's a little re-cap on how his week has been.

If you don't know, we celebrated as a family on Saturday by going to Little Rock. We ate pizza, rode the trolley, ate ice cream, and played.

On Monday we had some plans to run some errands, grab lunch, & head to the park. After about our second errand I noticed that around Wyatt's neck it was red and rashy. We went to pick up lunch and I noticed it was even worse. I pulled up his shirt in the back and this is what I saw. So, apparently he had a reaction to the amoxcillin that he was on last week. 
We continued on with our plans but he wasn't really feeling the park, and ended up having diarrhea while we were there. (That's an entire story for another day.) Oh, and also, Sean went out of town on Monday. 

So Tuesday was his actual birthday. I had to have a class (thankfully it was just prep for our Wednesday class and nothing too serious) and I had already planned to take Stella. But with Wyatt not feeling great, having a rash, and I was worried he'd have diarrhea again, I took him with me too (instead of sending him to school like I'd originally planned).
The best part about them having to go to class with me, there's a Dairy Queen! He ended up only eating about three bites but I felt like I had to do something super special for him. I was just feeling a lot of mom guilt.

We spent the rest of his birthday laying low and letting him rest. Plus we had dinner plans at a friends house which I was excited about and thought would be a good distraction for him.

By Thursday Wyatt was officially better, daddy was home, and we finally got to celebrate with candles and cake! Obviously, Wyatt wasn't too concerned about whether or no he had cake; he really doesn't know to expect it. But I was dying to do his cake and let him blow out candles. 

The celebrating isn't quite finished yet! We have family coming into town tonight and we're having his 'official' party tomorrow! 

Hope everyone has had a great week, and has some great plans for the weekend!! And if you missed it, please check out my post on the Ten Truths of Motherhood


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