Big Day for Our Big Boy

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Every year we do something special to celebrate Wyatt's birthday. For his first birthday we went to the zoo, and for his second birthday we went to a children's museum.  This year we decided it would be fun to take the kids to Little Rock to eat pizza, ride the trolley, play, and eat ice cream. 
 Wyatt was so excited about riding on a "train". He talked about it all morning and was pretty disappointed at how long it was taking us to drive there.
 He was such a good sport, though. He ate all of his pizza and waited patiently for the trolley to arrive. He was a little intimidated when it came time to get on but was ok once he sat down.
  He had the best time taking in all the sights and people. And especially loved going over the river. Stella, well, she was another story and barely sat still for a second. She wore us out on the ride.
 After the trolley we decided it was time for ice cream. We walked down to a little ice cream shop, Kilwins. The smell of the fudge and ice cream was so intoxicating. Wyatt and I picked Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Daddy and Sis got Cookies & Cream.
 We had one more stop before heading home. We let Wyatt run around this amazing rock climbing playground. It's literally constructed around huge rocks that kids can climb all over. There are tunnels that run horizontal and vertical that kids can climb up and through. 
  Wyatt quickly found the walk-over bridge and was all about running the length of it. By this time he was exhausted and just trying to stay awake, so he just ran, ran, ran.
 We finally managed to get him to the car and cooled down. Thankfully that was the hardest part of the day, and we were all ready to head for home.
 We're pretty sure he had the best day every! And just to prove that Sissy was with us, because you know I have to include her too!

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