18 Months!!

Monday, April 11, 2016

So hard to believe that our 'baby girl' is 18 months old today! I haven't done an update on her since she turned one, so I thought today would be perfect for a little update! 
Weight: about 22 pounds
Height: around 31"
Potty Training: Obviously we haven't crossed this bridge yet. She does show a little interest in the potty, and has sat on it on occasion. She is wearing size 4 diapers.
Sleep: Stella is a great sleeper at night. She goes down around 7/7:30 at night and wakes around 7/7:30 in the morning. We have just recently cut-out her morning nap. She takes a nap in the afternoon around 1:30 for about 2 hours. 

Favorite Things to Say: "I see you", "Dada bye-bye", "Yai-ya" (Wyatt) nigh-nigh", "Yai-ya poo-poo", "Ganki (blanket)", "poo-poo", "souside" (outside), "Minnie" (Minnie or Mickey Mouse), "boos" (shoes)
Likes: Her blanket and paci, chips/cracker, smoothies, Wyatt, Ketchup, babies (real & dolls), being outside, baths, animals (particularly cats & dogs), Minnie Mouse, shoes, books, swinging, 
Dislikes: Having her diaper changed, taking turns on the swing, being told "no", not being held

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