10 on Tuesday || Stella

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

If you've been around this here blog for any amount of time, then you know we have a daughter. Stella is so many things in our life. She's our 'Cupcake', 'Monster',  'Sissy', 'Baby Girl', and the list goes on. Today I want to share 10 things that make having a daughter so much fun! Of course, I know boys are fun too, but today is all about Stella.
  1. She's all about 'girly stuff'. From clothes to bows to pretty jewelry; she loves it all. 
  2. Her purse goes everywhere with her. It currently contains a Minnie doll, a mirror, a baby Barbie, and a fake debit card.
  3. Just like any girl, she has a sweet tooth. 
  4. She's a lover of all babies. She rocks them, feeds them, and puts them 'nigh-nigh'. 
  5. She's the first in the car when the word 'shopping' is said.
  6. Like any good little sister, she always keeps tabs on her big brother.
  7. Her favorite accessory--shoes.
  8. She's a lover of a good bath and soft jammies.
  9. She's a picker of flowers and an observer of the little things.
  10. She is our Dancing Queen, young and free...
And always the first to laugh at herself.

I'm so looking forward to all of the 'girl days' that are in our future. From pedicures, to shopping, to prom, and everything in-between. I'm so happy to have a little princess to share in those ventures with.
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