Wyatt's Big Boy Room

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I haven't done a tour of Wyatt's room since before he was born, so I thought I'd do a little updating. Not too much has changed, just a little re-arranging. And a big boy bed.

 We use the table for numerous things, but it usually has his trains set up on it. I love watching Wyatt and Stella sit in the chairs and play or read.
 Wyatt's bed was actually Sean's bed, but was actually his dad's before that. We love having furniture that has family history and stories to tell. The dresser was my mother's but she used it for me as well.
 If you remember from Stella's room, my mom created a painting for her room. This is the one she did for Wyatt when he was born. She chose Proverbs 4:26, not only for the wonderful life scripture, but also because Wyatt was on 4/26 at 4:26pm. 
 We got the idea for the airplane theme because all of the prints on the wall are hand-drawn airplane parts. Sean picked them up from a company he worked for in college. Obviously, Sean being an engineer it was a no-brainer for our boy too. Thankfully Wyatt likes airplanes too.
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