{FIVE} Favorite Moments of the Week

Friday, March 11, 2016

Hope everyone has had a great week! Hope you've been fortunate enough to avoid the rain that we've been experiencing. It's been raining here since Tuesday afternoon and it's supposed to continue until Sunday. Bleh.

If you missed it, our weekend was absolutely amazing. Sunshine, lots of grilling, and family time!

We managed to squeeze in a couple hours of park time on Monday. And the best part?? One of Wyatt's sweet friends was there too! They had the best time.

Tuesday morning Stella and I took advantage of the cloudy, warm weather and went for a walk.

And after we picked Wyatt up we headed to the park...one last time.

And then the rain came. Like I mentioned, it's been raining here since Tuesday afternoon. 

We have a pretty busy weekend planned, despite the rain. I have a girl's night planned for tonight...hello, Luke Bryan!! And tomorrow is the steak cook-off Sean has been preparing for. YUM!

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