Easter Snack Mix

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

For Wyatt's Easter party I threw this Easter snack mix together. I'm honestly not sure if any of the kids actually ate any, but I definitely did.
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I apologize, I didn't actually measure out any of the ingredients; just kind of eyeball it. 
I popped one bag of popcorn and then let it cool for a few minutes. In a large mixing bowl I mixed together the popcorn, a box of Annie's crackers, about half a bag of M&M's, and about 4 cubes of melted chocolate. 

I covered a cookie sheet with some aluminum foil, and once the mixture was just right I poured it evenly onto the sheet. I then drizzled about 2 more cubes of chocolate over the top. Then topped with sprinkles.

Lastly, just let it cool and it will break apart into nice pieces.

It's great to serve out of a bowl for a party or put into Mason jars for friends!
And have fun trying not to eat it all.

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