10 on Tuesday

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I'm linking up with Karli for her new link-up 10 on Tuesday! 
My goal is to make this as random as possible. Call it a get to know me post.

1 || I'm obsessed with the 2016 presidential election. Obsessed. The TV pretty much stay on CNN. I watch every speech, debate, town hall. You name, I've seen it. And I'll be really honest, I'm terrified.

2 || For having been a 1st grade teacher, I really wonder how I had the patience. There are days where I feel like I'm literally losing my mind. I've really been praying for patience lately.

3 || Speaking of #2, Wyatt has flipped a switch in the past week. His teacher told me today that he was hitting students with toys and then flat-out told her "no" when she told him to sit in time-out. We're trying different things at home and I'm praying something changes soon. And unfortunately he's mimicking behaviors of another student in his class. Any words of wisdom?? Anyone??

4 || I've really been struggling lately with where we live. We have lived here 7 years and I have really had a yearning to move closer to our families. Of course it's something we've always discussed and it's a goal of ours, but I'm really ready. 

5 || I'm going on my first girl's "trip" on Friday. It's not really a trip but we're going out of town for a concert and dinner! I guess you'd call it a night but whatever, I'm excited! We're going to see Luke Bryan...shake his booty!

6 || I turn 30 this year and I don't have one hesitation about it. It's really just another year, and I'm getting a trip to California out of it! 

7 || I want to have another baby. No, not right this second. I'm on the pill (TMI??). But I pray that God does bless us with a baby when the time is right. I feel selfish saying that since I know so many women struggling...

8 || My kids probably watch way too much TV. I realize that. I'm admitting it. As we're sitting here watching Chipmunks.

9 || The last 30 minutes before my hubby is to be home, I run around like a crazy person and tidy up the house. I really don't know why. For one, it's never really that messy. And two, he could really care less. Please tell me I'm not alone here!

10 || My least favorite day of the week tends to be Wednesday. I really don't know why, things tend to just go awry on that day of the week. Hoping tomorrow is an awesome day though! 

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