Thanksgiving 2015

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

This was our third year of staying home for Thanksgiving, but our first year actually having some family visit. Sean's brother and family came down Wednesday and stayed through the weekend. 
 Stella and Wyatt loved the extra attention they received while they were here, especially from their cousins Abigail and Markie.
 The weather on Thursday and Friday was nice so they were able to have some playtime outside--driving the "gator", swinging, bike riding, and a walk.
 Sean and Mark were in charge of frying the turkey on Thanksgiving and it turned out to be amazing. I put together the green bean casserole and a small dish of sweet potatoes for myself. There was really nothing stressful about the meal which was nice.


 Wyatt's "serious" face. Bahaha! 


It was really nice to have some quality family time and not to have to travel. We had so much fun and we're already planning for their next visit! 

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