A Weekend Re-Cap

Monday, December 7, 2015

We had a really great Christmas-y weekend at home! We had lots of fun and enjoyed some great weather outdoors. 
We started off our weekend with a breakfast from our Elf on Friday morning. The kids loved their yummy treats that their Elf brought them!

Saturday we attended the children's Christmas party put on by Sean's company. It was a bowling party and we really weren't sure how it would go but Wyatt absolutely loved it! Stella...well, she was happy as long as she had pizza in her hands. Other than that she wanted to run down the lanes.

We got home and immediately put the kids down for naps, and Sean got to work putting up Christmas lights. It took a little longer than planned but it turned out awesome! We get a lot of slow cars passing by our home.

Sunday morning we debated going to pick out a live tree or just getting the one down out of the attic. The attic tree won but I'm happy to finally have one up and decorated! Sean and Wyatt spent the evening raking up leaves and then burning them. What is it with boys and fire??

And Stella enjoyed some swing time!

Overall, we had a great weekend and now I'm ready to get my shopping done!
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