Countdown to Halloween: A Halloween Review

Monday, November 2, 2015

 Last week we spent lots of time celebrating Halloween. On Thursday we had Wyatt's costume parade and party at his school. He had a great time and actually enjoyed our time at the party. (Last year when I would come to parties he would think it was time to go and he'd cry.) I loved that he was sitting next to his classmate who was dressed like Marshal; Chase and Marshal are both Paw Patrol characters.

I attempted to take some pictures of the kids in their costumes. Rain was in the forecast for Saturday so I didn't want to miss out on having pictures. I tried to bribe them with treats but then this is what I got--full mouths and lots of digging for more treats.

 And lots of juice. Please ignore the fact that my two year old threw a fit to carry around the entire bottle of juice. Choose your battles??

Friday we decided to paint a pumpkin. It started out really well but then he decided to act like a two year old because he couldn't make up his mind on what he wanted to do. But his pumpkin does look really cute and he had fun...for a minute or two.

Of course Saturday was Halloween and thankfully the rain cleared out early afternoon so it was a great night for trick-or-treating. Well, as much as you can do with a boy who is still really unsure of the entire concept. He wanted to to go to "me how" (his house) and see "pu-poo" (people). He was definitely much more interested in passing out the candy than getting it for himself. 
The first house we visited, he cried. Yes, cried. And not because we were forcing him to go, it was because I went and was getting the candy when he wanted to be going home. He did manage to walk up to two homes, mainly because we know them so he was OK with it. The two other homes we visited he made it to their sidewalks and then stopped. Stella, on the other hand, was bound and determined to walk herself around the neighborhood with her bucket. She was all about it!

We'll see what next year has in store for us but I think it was a pretty good night for us!
Thank you ladies for hosting such a great Halloween link-up!! 
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