A Day in the Life: Fall 2015

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I did a DITL post. I'm pretty sure it was a year ago...geeze
This is our day on Wednesday, November 4th; Wyatt 2.5 & Stella 1. 

7:02--Forgot I was planning to do this post today so we got started a little late. Wyatt woke me up about 6:30 and I convinced him to lay in my bed while I got in a little exercise.

8:02--Stella woke up just before 8 and she demands breakfast immediately. On the other hand, Wyatt isn't much of a breakfast person so he stayed busy "brushing his teeth". And I was finally able to get some coffee going.

9:02--Kids finished up with breakfast and I turned off the TV. We did lots of playing and reading in Wyatt's room.

10:14--Finally got Stella down for her morning nap so Wyatt and I enjoyed a little reading. (I love that he now sleeps in a bed that I can fit in!) We also did a little work on he and Stella's Christmas lists during this time.

11:17--Wyatt finally decided he was hungry and requested The Incredibles. And Stella woke up from her nap, just in time for some lunch. I worked on some Thanksgiving decorating while the kiddos ate.

1:11--Wyatt decided he wanted to go see the "choo-choo" and I needed a break from the house. After getting us ready and out the door we made it to see the "sleeping" choo-choo. Then decided to stop by a new-to-us park before heading home.

1:47--We got home and Wyatt wasn't quite ready to give in to naptime, so we headed out for a "quick" walk. 

2:23--I finally got the kids down and finally grabbed myself something to eat, broccoli & a left over brisket sandwich. Then I was able to sit down and get a little work done before Stella woke up at about 3:30.

4:58--Both kids were awake and ready to eat; I'd say a snack but they ended up eating quite a bit. I started working on dinner while they were occupied for a second. Then spent the next hour trying to keep them busy, change diapers, and play referee while cooking.

6:44--Daddy was finally home and there's no one more excited than this little girl. He and I weren't that hungry so we spent the next hour playing, bathing, and getting kids in bed.

7:45--Both kids were in bed and I can finally relax on the couch for a bit. We spent the rest of our night watching TV and enjoying some adult beverages.