It's the Little Things | Best Friends

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

So as I mentioned in Stella's birthday POST, my best friend and her daughter came down for Stella's party. Hattie is only 3 months younger than Wyatt and they are so cute together! Of course we always say that they will be married one day, couldn't ask for better in-laws!

It was past naptime and they were both being so silly. Hattie kept copying everything Wyatt was doing and it was so precious! We kept trying to get them to hug but Wyatt wasn't havin' it.
Then it was time to leave and we ultimately bribed Wyatt. I've mentioned before that he has an obsession with Jeeps, so we told him he could get in Ms. Kristian's Jeep if he hugged Hattie...

We're already planning our next get together for here in the next couple of weeks. I just love watching their little friendship grow!

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