{FIVE} Favorite Moments of the Week

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Another Friday has finally arrived! I know that sounds blah but some weeks just need to end. We actually had a pretty good week but I'm exhausted and ready for the weekend. We're supposed to have more rain this weekend so we'll see what unfolds for Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, Stella and I went to Wyatt's Halloween Costume parade and party at school on Thursday. I was really bummed when I couldn't find a similar picture to this that we took last year at his party. But we had a good time nonetheless.

And I think the kiddos enjoyed their snacks at the party. I also made an orange sherbet fizzy drink which they couldn't get enough of!

If you follow me on INSTAGRAM then you probably already know that we set up Wyatt's new "big boy bed" and he's loving it! This is actually the bed that Sean grew up sleeping in, so it holds a lot of meaning for us. It's referred to as a "Pinecone Bed" (because it has pinecones on the posts) and so Wyatt says, "Me cone-cone bed!" Melts my heart!

One of my friends sent me some samples of Spark and I immediately fell in love! I drank one each morning this week and couldn't get over the amount of energy I had. I only wish it wasn't so expensive. I don't really drink coffee but I occasionally drink Diet Dr. Pepper so I just don't know if I can justify that cost. But it's super yummy!

Yesterday I wrote about our weekend in Fayetteville. Mom and I did some shopping and I picked up a few items from Target that I've been super excited about. I got THIS chambray shirt and it's so soft and comfy! Finally got on the bootie train and bought THESE beauties. I love that I can just slip them on with my jeans and go. I also picked up an open Aztec poncho but I couldn't find it on their site.

And I'll leave you with this. Yes, this is about as good as it gets with these two. I can't even get a smile from Wyatt when I bribe him with candy...he just eats the candy. Thankfully one of them still likes to smile at me. 

Hope you all have an awesome Halloween weekend, and don't be like me and eat all of your kids candy!


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