{FIVE} Favorite Moments of the Week

Friday, October 23, 2015

Oh, man!! What a week, y'all!! In case you missed it, we had Stella's 1st birthday party on Saturday (posts HERE & HERE). We had family and friends in town and it was a wonderful weekend. But then, Sean left for work travel on Sunday afternoon. So, yea, I'm really ready for a weekend (of nothing) and for daddy to be HOME! So, anyways, here's what the kids and I have been up to while daddy has been away.

Multi-tasking at it's finest. First off, Wyatt is loving Sissy's new rocking chair. Second, that is not a phone...it's a calculator. And three, thanks Rach for this awesome (LOUD) keyboard toy!

So as I mentioned, Sean has been out of town, which basically means my DIY bone starts twitching. My mom made this bow holder back before Stella was born and it's been sitting in her closet with bows clipped on it. Honestly I just couldn't figure out where to hang it but I have found the perfect spot! So, not only did I hammer a nail into a stud perfectly, I also used a drill gun and screwed those hooks onto the back of the frame. So, yea, take that!

Seriously. This girl is already such a girly-girl and mommy. It just blows my mind the things she picks up on. Having a boy first I just didn't realize how different a boy and a girl would be. Wyatt could care less about taking care of a "baby"...unless it's "bobbies" (Barbies) but that's just to put them in the cars. Stella loves hugging and kissing and feeding her babies. She was eating her snack the other day, with her baby of course, and she kept trying to feed her Cheetos.

Yesterday I finally shared Stella's NURSERY. This is a behind the scenes picture of what was actually happening while I was trying to photograph the room. Alone time, what's that??

Yesterday while Wyatt was at school I took Stella and took her ONE year pictures. I'm so happy with how they turned out and can't wait to share them next week!

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!! I'll be working on some last-minute Halloween costumes and enjoying some rainy days at home.


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