Our Weekend | Labor Day

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Our last weekend of summer was spent in Fayetteville, and we made the most of it! There was a county fair, a parade, a craft fair, football, and swimming!! 

We got in town on Friday just in time for naps! Thank goodness. Once the kiddos were up and around we headed out for some delicious dinner at FREDDY'S, and it did not disappoint. Although, Wyatt could have cared less, and I'm always thankful for extra hands when out in public. And Wyatt's thankful for Pop's "beep".

After dinner we headed to the county fair where we met cousin's Jax and Aria, and Aunt Tiff. Again, being the two year old that he his, Wyatt could really have cared less for the fair. He was way more concerned that there was an armband on his wrist, and he wanted it off. We were able to get him on one ride, which he enjoyed...for the most part.

Saturday morning we got up and around and headed to our hometown's parade. Every Labor Day weekend they host the CLOTHESLINE FAIR, which brings with it a parade and square dancing. It's a tradition that's been going strong for 64 years. We were actually joking on Sunday about how I managed to graduate in Prairie Grove and never square dance, it's almost an impossible feat. Ha.
Anyways, this year was Jax's first year to square dance so we made sure we were there to support him in the parade. And get candy and fruit snacks.

After the parade Wyatt went to help Pop with some chores while Mimi, Stella, and I hit up the craft fair for a little shopping. (I'll talk more about my goodies later this week!) We then headed for home for naps and some RAZORBACK FOOTBALL, finally it's that time of year!!

Sunday was a great day full of church, family time, swimming, and great food! I somehow managed to not get one picture of the event; too many memories were being created!

Monday we headed home and got ready for Wyatt's first week back to school!! Hope you all had a great holiday weekend, and maybe got some rest!