{FIVE} Favorite Moments of the Week

Friday, September 4, 2015

Oh!! What. A. Week. Sean has been traveling, for the third week in a row. He was supposed to be home late last night but "stuff" happened and now he won't be back until late tonight. So ready for some normalcy. Since he was gone we tried to keep super busy this week to keep from going crazy!

I taught my first college class this week! WOW! I was so nervous. Thankfully they were so sweet and went along with my corny first grade lessons. I figure they better get used to it since they'll be teaching elementary school.

We had plenty of park time this week. And we actually made some new friends while we were there one morning! Yay! It's amazing how, even when living in a small town, there are SAHM who I've never met!

I rented HOME for the kids this week, mainly to give me a break in the evening. Movies can be really hit or miss when Wyatt watches them for the first time, but thankfully he loved it! He actually was pretty upset when it had to go back home to the Redbox. And even better?? The soundtrack is actually really good AND the kids enjoy it! Finally a little break from the Frozen soundtrack.

I woke up Tuesday morning and found out that I'd won a store credit from SADIE SKY BOUTIQUE on INSTAGRAM!! I was so excited and got my order in as soon as possible!

I know I already mentioned parks, but we found this awesome new park! We had to go to El Dorado (a town about 30 minutes from us) to run some errands and since it was dinner time we went ahead and grabbed some fast food. I didn't really feel like eating in the car (or driving 30 minutes home before eating) so I found this great little park. Everything was Wyatt's size and he was in heaven! At the park we normally go to the slide is a tunnel slide and he is not a fan, so he was loving THIS!

Hope you all have an awesome holiday weekend! We're going to enjoy this last weekend before Wyatt heads back to school!!


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