Saturday, August 1, 2015

I was tagged by COURTNEY, CRYSTAL, and JAMIE to share 10 things I love and 10 things I hate. And I'll be honest, it took me a bit to make my lists. I tried to dig deep to help you get to know me better. You're welcome. ha.
1 | My family
2 | Traveling - Near, far, beach, mountains, car, doesn't matter, I love it all!
3 | Being pregnant - I was so happy, healthy, & comfortable during both of my pregnancies.
4 | Watching TV - Some people enjoy reading during their free time. I love TV. Just keepin' it real.
 5 | Diet Dr. Pepper - Preferably from Sonic.
6 | Summer - Not really the heat so much (see hates below) but I love spending days at the pool.
7 | Razorback Football - By far my favorite sport to watch. Ever.
8 | Theme parks - I love it all--the rides, food, people watching!
9 | Pedicures - My toes are always painted.
10 | Sleep - I'm really just not pleasant without it.
1 | Chores - Yep, all of 'em!
2 | Being hot - I hate sweating.
3 | Driving in traffic - Ever since the WRECK we were in back in I can't stand to drive, or ride, in traffic. It makes me so anxious.
4 | Shots/Needles - I get light headed and nearly pass out any time I have to get a shot, IV, or give blood. It's the worst. True story: I nearly passed out getting the FluMist the first time because I thought it was a shot in my nose. Yep, true story. And my mom was the one doing it. #embarrassing
5 | I can not stand tomatoes or onions.
6 | Storms - I'm terrified of tornadoes.
7 | Heights
8 | When people talk/sing during a movie or song that I'm trying to listen to. Or say the wrong words, on purpose, during a song I'm singing. Because obviously I sound amazing. But, seriously, it drives me nuts.
9 | Being cold - Most of the time I'm walking around my house in pants and a sweatshirt.
10 | Living so far from our family.
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