A Really Random Update Post

Thursday, August 13, 2015

So apparently it's been nearly two weeks since I last posted anything. Seriously, y'all!! It has been a crazy couple of weeks around here! We've been busy playing and enjoying the last bit of summer!

We were able to visit with my sister and nephew, Charlie, who I hadn't seen since Christmas. I always see pictures of him but being able to see him in action is so much better. Obviously.  It's so fun seeing family you don't see often. Already looking forward to Christmas and all the family we'll be seeing again.
Fun news! JAMIE hosted a giveaway for a CHARLES RIVER rain jacket and I won! I'm so looking forward to wearing it during football season this fall! And, obviously, I got red for the Razorbacks.
There is also a little change that's coming to our family and it all happened overnight. Literally.
I am going to start working part-time. Very part-time. I was offered a position teaching a couple of classes at a local university. I'm really excited about this new opportunity! And pretty nervous at the same time. I've been spending this week working on paperwork and finding a sitter. Prayers for an easy transition would be greatly appreciated.

I've also been helping a friend who is going through her second round of cancer in two years. Yea, that has not been so fun. Prayers for who would also be greatly appreciated.

Hoping everyone is enjoying their last little bit of summer. I know many schools start on Monday and some have already started! So here's to a great year!

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