Our Weekend

Monday, June 15, 2015

WHEW! What a weekend! Sean has worked every.single.day. the past 2 weeks and this mama is worn out! I don't think I've ever been happier to see 8 o'clock every night. So since the kids and I were by ourselves again this weekend, I tried to keep us as busy as possible.
^^^And this??? AmIright???^^^
Friday morning we headed to the pool as early as we could manage. By the time I get everyone fed, ready, and out the door, we usually get there around 10. When we left I wasn't quite in the mood to make lunch so we swung by McDonald's on the way home. Of course to Wyatt that means it's time to go to the park. I tried to avoid it but as I was turning to get home he had a complete screaming fit. Please tell me your toddler knows directions!! It's so funny and really annoying at the same time. We didn't stay too long as it was bajilion degrees outside and we were in our swimsuits. ha.
We headed home for naps and I actually had some time to work out and shower. WOOHOO!! When Sean got home around 4:30 we got ready and headed to dinner and swimsuit shopping. The only stores worth shopping at are about 30 minutes away and thankfully I found something that worked. I had ordered THESE bottoms a couple weeks ago but unfortunately they didn't work. And Urban Outfitters was out of the ones I originally wanted.
We then headed for home and the kiddos headed to bed. Sean and I finished the night with some Dateline. Exciting, I know.
Saturday morning Sean headed to work bright and early. When the kids woke up we got around and headed to, guess where, the pool. And Wyatt finally got brave enough to start jumping in all by himself. He even went in a couple time when I wasn't even in the pool. This makes me so happy, considering last summer I could barely get him in the pool. We then headed home for some lunch and naps.
Sean got home around 5 and we got changed and headed back to the pool. Wyatt was really excited about showing daddy his new trick!
Again, on Sunday, Sean headed out to work. We needed a few things at the store so I thought it would be a good way to get the kids out of the house. On the way to the store there's a small pasture that usually has horses. So I promised Wyatt that on the way home we'd stop and see the horses. He was pretty intimidated by them but was pretty curious about the giant creatures.
Of course on the way home Wyatt had another meltdown when I did not turn towards the park. But finally (after about 30 minutes) calmed down once he started playing in the water hose at home.
Sean made it home during nap time and we were actually able to spend some time together before the kids woke up. When the kids woke up we had some playtime before heading out to pick up some dinner. I was really neeeeeding a cheeseburger.
We got home and made a quick decision to kick Stella out of our closet and into her "big girl" room. Not gonna' lie I was so nervous about her waking Wyatt up. Thankfully we made it through the night without that happening but she did wake up more than usual. Hoping it gets better because running through the house in the middle of the night is not real exciting. But at least we were able to brush our teeth and get ready for bed without tip-toeing around. ha.
We really had a pretty great weekend. Just looking forward to Sean having a few days off...hopefully soon.
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