Our Weekend

Monday, June 1, 2015

Our weekend was spent low-key and close to home. After being gone for a week and getting in Thursday afternoon, our Friday was pretty lazy. Actually, really lazy. I don't think we made it out of our jammies. Sean did go in to work for a bit and the kids and I caught up on laundry and chores.
Saturday we had some big plans! Wyatt had his first chaperoned date, ha. A little girl from his class and her mama invited us to go to a fun PAINTED POTTERY shop. Wyatt really enjoyed it and did waaaay better than I expected he would. He painted a fun little jar for daddy. We followed it up with some yummy lunch before heading home for naps.
 We spent the evening playing and relaxing at home. Sean and I finished the evening with THE JUDGE and some ice cream.
Sunday we got up kind of slow and enjoyed some biscuits and gravy. We got ready and headed to church. I tried to get a picture before heading out. At least one is looking and smiling.
We came home and enjoyed some pizza for lunch and naps all around. Afterwards Sean and Wyatt did some yard work, while Stella and I did some indoor chores. Then Sean and I (and a little girl who didn't feel like sleeping) finished up the night with some more ice cream and Game of Thrones.
 Hope y'all had a great weekend! We're looking to a week with lots of sun and hopefully no rain!!
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