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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

If you've been reading recently then you probably know that Saturday we celebrated Wyatt's second birthday. If you missed it, yesterday I shared some of the decorations and details of Wyatt's party (click HERE for that). We had his party at a local park. It's actually a park that we go to multiple times a week so he was really comfortable with it.
We had such a wonderful time at his party. He loved playing with all of his family who was in town for the celebration! He loved showing them his park!
He was really interested in helping daddy with the grill too. How cute do they look all matchy-matchy?? Love my boys!
 He was so cute when everyone was singing to him; he got so embarrassed! But he definitely didn't have any trouble tearing into his yummy cupcake. At first I didn't give him a fork but he was not interested in getting his hands all dirty. Ha.

 We were so happy to have so much family with us to celebrate our big boy! And Stella definitely didn't miss out on any extra attention either. Sweet girl.

Happy 2nd birthday sweet boy!!
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