Our Weekend

Sunday, May 17, 2015

We had a pretty low-key weekend around here. Pretty boring actually. I feel like we should have done more but I was kind of blah.
Friday was pretty good. We started with some train watching and a picnic at the park. Wyatt enjoyed his first peach water from Sonic, it was definitely a hit.

Friday evening we went to a friends' 6th birthday party. It was a painting party and was absolutely adorable. Wyatt really enjoyed his paint project and was entertained for much longer than I'd imagined.

A new tradition has started on Saturday mornings, Sean makes a yummy breakfast...which totally works for me. After that the boys went to the store and ran around for a bit. Our afternoon was pretty low-key. I ended up with an upset stomach so we decided it was a good time to introduce Wyatt to the movie "Up" and he loved it. I, on the other hand, find it absolutely heart-wrenching. The entire thing.
How could I not take pictures of this cutie in her adorable jammies??

 Apparently my upset tummy was transferred to this one and we both missed out on quite a bit of sleep Saturday night. It was a long night, to say the least.
With the lack of sleep in our house, Sunday ended up being another pretty lazy day. We played outside, watched some movies, and took naps.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some sleep tonight and a great week ahead! And am really looking forward to a weekend with family next weekend!
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