{FIVE} Favorite Moments of the Week

Friday, May 29, 2015

HEELLLLOOOOOOO!!! I'm back from a little "Fay-cation" in Fayetteville. We got some much needed Mimi and Pop time before Mimi heads off to Uganda on a medical mission. It's so exciting to think that next time we see them we'll be headed to the beach, yaaay!! So here are some of our favorite moments from the week. I'll try not to overload you with too many pictures.
First off, this is by far my favorite picture of the three of us! I think I only have maybe three pictures of me with my babies. I love my boys sweet kisses. And how this picture captures Stella's love and admiration for her brother.

Wyatt and Jax have created the sweet relationship over the past couple of months. I can't tell you how many times we heard, "Come on, Wyatt!" And we couldn't help but laugh at how we know we'll hear that for the rest of our lives.

These sweet girls are so cute together as well!
But, let's be honest, this is how their relationship typically goes right now. Ha!
I loved enjoying a morning with my boy! Conveniently there's a shopping center that has PetCo, Barnes & Noble, and Chick-Fil-A which can round out the perfect morning for us. Animals, trains, story time, and chicken...yep, pretty perfect!

Our week wouldn't be complete without including our Mimi! She's definitely the rock of our family and we love her so much. Her sweet, giving heart is something I hope I emulate. Please keep her and the rest of the mission team in your prayers; they'll be leaving on Tuesday. If you're interested in keeping up with them as they're serving others you can read HERE.
Hope everyone has had a wonderful week!!

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