Friday, May 8, 2015

YAY!! It's the weekend!! We have an awesome weekend planned and it's starting off with Sean being off work today, yay!! Here are some of my favorite moments from this week.
This girl. She's kind of my favorite little girl ever. She's been having such a tough week. Between teething and getting shots she hasn't gotten much sleep lately, which means mama hasn't either. I'm just ready for her to feel better soon. I have been diffusing some "sleep" essential oils but it hasn't seemed to help much. If anyone has any tips on that I'd appreciate it.

If you missed it, we celebrated this boy's second birthday over the weekend. You can check out those posts HERE and HERE.
I received these precious gifts from my little boy for Mother's Day. We love Ms. Dana and she always makes sure to send home the sweetest gifts for holidays.

And we sent her a little something for Teacher Appreciation Day. Of course I totally forgot to take a picture but it was similar to THIS.
The weather has been absolutely amazing this week, although it's now supposed to rain all weekend. Oh well. We've had two park picnics and spent several afternoons and evenings playing outside. (If you missed this picture you can see it on my INSTAGRAM.)
I completely forgot to mention this last weekend but this is like one of the best things ever. My mom and I have been looking for an antique highchair since Wyatt was little and we she finally found a decent one! It definitely looks awesome with Stella sitting in it!
I hope all of you mothers out there have a very wonderful Mother's Day and enjoy your weekend!!

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