{FIVE} Favorite Moments of the Week + A GIVEAWAY!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

WHEW, y'all! Thank goodness it's Friday because I'm not sure I'd make it another day. It's already been one of those mornings; kids up too early, rain, and lots of whining going on around here. Yep, let's pretend my two year old is not outside eating a popsicle at 9 in the morning. Aaaanyways, here are some of my favorite moments of the week!
Lots of outside popsicles this week, and one little boy is definitely not complaining about it.
Is that not the cutest popsicle face you've ever seen??

Our little princess turned 7 months old on Monday. I can't even believe it. You can read all about what she's up to HERE.

Speaking of our princess, she's really taken off in the eating department. Girlfriend loves some food, as long as she can feed herself. I've got a post coming up next week with some of our favorite quick recipes. Also, please ignore the blue bib. #LittleSisterProblems
I found this awesome ARTICLE about parents of red-headed children. I thought it was pretty funny...especially since I read it at about 2 in the morning.
And last, but certainly not least, a giveaway for all the mama's out there! I'm teaming up with Sandy from ZOZUBABY to give away a $15 shop credit!! Make sure you check back on Monday for your chance to win!


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