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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Stella has recently really gotten in to eating solids. She's so different than Wyatt was when it comes to eating that I'm having to figure things out again. She hates being fed by a spoon so I've resorted to pouches and fresh food feeders. These items have been the most helpful when it comes to making her baby food.
ONE | This Cuisinart set has been great for pureeing all of the food. I have not had a problem pureeing anything and everything that I throw together. I like the submersion mixer because I can also use larger bowls, for larger amounts of food, and it works just as well.
TWO | Like I mentioned before, Stella doesn't really care to be spoon fed. Putting the purees into pouches allows her to feed herself. These are great because you can also stick the pouches in the freezer to save them. These are great too if you're worried about choking hazards when mixing your own food; the dispenser doesn't allow for large pieces.
THREE | These are the pouches that you can buy as replacements. It's suggested to throw them out once have been used once. This is still cheaper than buying the pre-made pouches at the me.
FOUR | I don't put all of the food into pouches. I also use these freezer trays to store some. I can pop one of the cubes out and stick them in a fresh food feeder and Stella can still feed herself. These are great though too if you are spoon feeding; you just thaw them out overnight in the fridge.
FIVE | Here are the fresh food feeders. We use these on the daily; Wyatt still even uses them. I can put frozen fruit, frozen purees, fresh fruit and even other foods in them. They are a little tricky to clean so I always suggest washing them immediately after use with hot water and soap.
Hopefully these items can give you some guidance when it comes to making baby foods for your littles. Check back tomorrow, I'll be sharing some of our favorite, quick recipes. Also, you can check HERE to enter the giveaway for a $15 ZozuBaby shop credit!
*It should also be noted that this is not a sponsored post, nor was I compensated. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*
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