Wyatt's Easter Party | 2015

Thursday, April 2, 2015

We had Wyatt's Easter party this morning at school. We did the "Easter egg hunt" first. I don't think any of the kids actually looked for any eggs. They were all too interested in playing on the playground. Ha.
  The Easter Bunny came for a little visit and I'm pretty sure Wyatt was the only one who wasn't terrified. He wasn't running up to him or anything but he did sneak him a little poke on the leg. I think he was curious about how he felt. It was pretty cute.
  After the egg hunting and the Easter bunny left we headed inside for snacks. We were the last ones to leave, I couldn't get Wyatt to stop eating the junk. He doesn't get candy or cookies very often so when he does he makes sure to enjoy it. I was actually a little nervous he was going to get sick.
It was a fun little party and I'm sad that it's the last one of the year! It's so hard to believe that he only has about a month left of school before summer starts! (Poor mommy, #amIright??)
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