Wyatt's Birthday Weekend

Monday, April 27, 2015

Over the weekend our baby boy turned 2! Most of our weekend was spent celebrating him and the fun will continue next weekend when we have his party. Why not have it this weekend? Last year, when Wyatt turned one, we decided that we would always spend our children's birthdays as just us, so that's just what we did this year too.
Friday was a pretty typical day for us. It was rainy, we went to the store, and did the usual. When bedtime came we decided it was a good night to try and take Wyatt's pacifier away. Sean has been very adamant that when Wyatt turned two he would have to give up the paci. We only let him use it when he sleeps so we weren't real sure how it would go. Wyatt did great. He still has "Lion" so he was able to soothe himself by rubbing him on his face. I was a little nervous that he would wake up in the middle of the night looking for him, but he didn't. Night one was a success!
Saturday morning we all got up and around and headed to Little Rock. We had decided a couple weeks ago that we would take Wyatt to the Museum of Discover to celebrate his special day, even though it wasn't until Sunday. (Something else we decided last year, instead of buying our children something for their birthdays we would take them some place fun for their day of celebration. Last year we went to the ZOO.)  
Wyatt had the best time! Some of the exhibits weren't age appropriate but he had the best time just running...and running...and running. It was so nice knowing that he was in a safe place where he could go, go, go and couldn't break anything. Honestly, I'm pretty sure his favorite thing was the entrance ramp but it was well worth the money.
We were there about two hours and then walked down the street to eat lunch. We were a little nervous about eating in public since Wyatt can be a bit rambunctious, plus he was tired, but he did awesome! We scarfed our food down as quickly as possible and got out before any chaos ensued. We then headed to the car, grabbed some Jimmy John's (to take home for dinner), and started the drive home. Unfortunately Wyatt was a little over-stimulated and ended up not taking a nap so it was an early bed time for all.
Sunday morning (BIRTHDAY MORNING!!!) we greeted our boy with cards and cinnamon rolls. He thoroughly enjoyed his cinnamon rolls and was even able to blow out his two candles! Sean was going to help him but he did it before daddy could. We then got ready and headed to church.
We spent the rest of the day napping and playing. Then we finished out the night with some cheesecake, another tradition that was started last year.
It was the perfect weekend to celebrate our special TWO year old!!
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