Our Easter Weekend | 2015

Monday, April 6, 2015

Our Easter weekend really started on Thursday with Wyatt's EASTER PARTY at school but the fun continued all weekend long! Friday evening we I dyed some eggs and Wyatt decorated them with stickers. I think we only ended up with about two that weren't cracked. ha.

Wyatt really enjoyed putting the stickers on them...and trying to eat them. What a mess.

Saturday morning we got up and ready for our church's Easter egg hunt. Mimi and Pop came down for the day too, so there was lots of excitement!
Wyatt did great at hunting the eggs. I was a little worried, given his track record at his school egg hunt. Since there weren't a lot of distractions he was a little more focused on the task at hand. It was really cute though, he kept taking the candy out and throwing it on the ground. Apparently we don't give him enough candy. It's ok, mama saved it...mama will eat it!

Stella wasn't impressed with much. She was more interested in taking a nap. And we knew it was time to go when Wyatt found the juice pouches. Yea, we're mean like that.
 Sunday morning we made it to church and actually got a picture. Although, it's not necessarily the best picture. Wyatt decided pulling mama's hair was a good idea. Then we went to lunch with some friends.
We had a wonderful Easter weekend at home with family!
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