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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

With the Wyatt having just turned two, there are some things I really want to remember about him at this time in his life. you hug me from behind when I'm sitting down.
...that blowing kisses is your way of saying goodbye, to anyone. every time we drive by the railroad track, and the train isn't there, you ask "Where'd it go?"
...that your form of dancing is jumping in circles. when you "fall" down and one kiss fixes everything. And your fake cry is perfect.
...when you try to drum like daddy.
...that your form of playing with Stella is trying to sit on her.
...that you have no interest in apps, you just want music on mama's phone. you say "There ya' go!" when we finally figure out what you want.
...that you ask "Where'd it go?" for everything, and we never have a clue about what you're looking for.
...that as soon as daddy comes home you immediately point to the door and say yell, "GO!". (Not that you want him to go but you want him to take you somewhere.) when you want a kiss you lean your head in for your forehead to be kissed.

I really don't want to forget this phase of your life. Yes, days are hard with frustrations but there are so many good things that happen everyday. 
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