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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The other day I was so agitated. Wyatt had made a pretty big mess that I was trying to clean up (and trying to stay calm since it was part my fault) and Stella was, of course, crying and wanting to be held. I put Stella in Wyatt's room; she usually stays pretty calm because there's a lot to grab and look at. She wasn't having it though. So after a minute or two I asked Wyatt to go sit with Sissy to help her not cry. After a couple minutes of quiet I went and checked on them, and this is what I found. (Yes, I bolted across the house for my camera without Wyatt noticing. A small miracle in itself.)
 I just love the little relationship that's growing between them. He makes her so happy and she always works so hard for his attention. I hope they always have such a close and loving relationship.
 Oh, don't worry, Wyatt still doesn't like to share with her. And Stella's idea of fun is when he's sitting on her or trying to lay on her. But I'm just so thankful for Wyatt's sweet heart and how he knows that for some reason she is so special; he doesn't know yet but he will soon enough.
I love them so much. And for a minute I was able to forget was I was so agitated about just seconds before.
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