How Much am I worth?

Thursday, April 9, 2015

I was watching Good Morning America on Wednesday, when a story came up involving this POST. The gist of it is basically a husband saying he couldn't afford for his wife to be a SAHM because it would be too expensive. You can read it, it's perfect, raw, and it really hit home with me.

I can really relate, as I'm sure most stay at home moms can. I started working when I was around the age of 13, with my first "real" job at 15, and I have worked ever since. Through high school, college, and after college I always had my own money. Never really had to rely on my parents for things I wanted, or anyone.

My dream was always to be a stay at home mom. I honestly can't remember when I didn't want to do that. I love what I do. And my husband worked really hard to make that dream come true for me. But the reality is, it's hard sometimes. I don't feel like I contribute to the bills, the needs, or the wants of our family. Yes, occasionally I make a little money selling clothing at re-sale but that's about it.

This article just really reminded me that I am making a contribution to our family. It's nice seeing in a dollar amount how much my job is worth and how much of a contribution I am making. Besides the contribution of raising our amazing and wonderful children.

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