Farewell to "Paci"

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I mentioned the other day that we said goodbye to Wyatt's pacifier over the weekend. We had made the decision a while back that when Wyatt turned two we would take it away. When he turned one we started only letting him have it when he slept. 
He's done really well without having it, much better than I thought he would. He does tend to fight bedtime and naptime a little more than he used to, but only for a few minutes. 


Honestly, it may have been harder on me saying goodbye to paci. Don't worry, I kept it. It just makes the whole "growing up" thing more real. He's such a big boy and this mama's not quite ready for that.

He still has "Lion" so he still uses him to soothe himself.  We call "Lion" his best friend, they're pretty inseparable. He may take him to Kindergarten with him but that's ok, I can deal.
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