7 Tips for Managing Toddler Tantrums

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

 If you  live in a house with a toddler then you know all about the everyday tantrums. Now I'm no expert but I have learned a few things in the past couple of months. Here are a few tips that I use on the daily to help tackle those tantrum.
  • Ignore | Some of the behaviors that are exhibited are just for attention. Usually it's a behavior that the toddler knows he/she is not supposed to do but they do it anyway. In our case, Wyatt usually laughs while doing it. Examples would be like climbing on the table, jumping on the couch/chair, running on the bed. Now I understand that some of these behaviors could be dangerous but if I have tried to stop him in other ways, it's best to walk away. Usually when I leave the room he follows so the behavior is taken care of.
  • Out of Sight, Out of Mind | Pretty much everyday there is a battle where Wyatt wants something that he shouldn't have; whether at all or just not at that time. Examples of this are car keys, his pacifier, stool, TV remote etc. The best thing for items like these is to just keep them out of sight and when it's the right time then bring the item out.
  • Re-Direct | I tend to use this technique when there is a major meltdown occurring about anything, big or small. A lot of times situations can be diffused by taking the child away from what's upsetting him/her. An example of this is if Wyatt's screaming because he wants to watch TV (and I don't want him to) then I would physically carry him to his room and begin playing toys with him, or take him outside. Something different and away from what's upsetting him.
  • Rest | Sometimes toddlers just need a rest time-out. I don't call it time-out and I don't make him feel like he's in trouble. Toddlers are still little and get tired but don't know how to verbalize that. I just ask him if he wants to go lie down. Very rarely does he actually fall asleep but it gives him a chance to calm down and "start over".
  • Praise | PRAISE! PRAISE! PRAISE! If your child exhibits a good behavior that you ask of him/her, or does it on her/his own, always give praise. Make sure that praise is specific, not just "good job". If I ask Wyatt to throw something in the trash and he does then I usually clap and say "Thank you for throwing that in the trash for mama!" Make all good behaviors a big deal!
  • Choose Your Battles | This is pretty self-explanatory. If something is going to create a bigger deal than it's worth, just let it go.
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