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Monday, March 9, 2015

It's been a while since my last update on Stella. If you remember January was kind of rough month for us. It started when Stella was diagnosed, in the ER, with RSV and a UTI. We ended up being admitted in the hospital for two nights.
While we were in the hospital she had her white blood cell count checked and monitored. Once we were discharged we had to go back, after she completed her antibiotics, to have her labs checked once again. Our doctor was still a little concerned about her white blood cells, her neutrophil count to be exact. So she asked us to come back two weeks later for more labs.
  We went back two weeks later and found that her neutrophil count was still low. Our doctor called it Neutropenia. She suggested that we go see a hematologist at Children's for confirmation.
So today, as you read this, we are headed back to Arkansas Children's Hospital to see a hematologist to figure out what is, or hopefully is not, wrong with our baby girl. We would appreciate any kind thoughts or prayers.
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