Our Weekend

Monday, March 2, 2015

This weekend our family of four packed up and headed to NW Arkansas to visit family. I had checked the weather religiously all week to make sure it would be a good, safe trip. Even Friday morning the only precipitation scheduled was for Saturday afternoon. But of course, we got about half way and were greeted with snow. And the snow did not stop until Saturday evening.
Our first stop was in Van Buren to see Grandpa, Nana, Gramma, and Pa. Plus, we got to see Aunt Sarah, Aunt Mackenzie, Uncle Levi, and cousin Cary Beth! It was definitely a full visit! We stopped in and ate at Chili's before heading up the mountain to Fayetteville.

We got to Fayetteville much later than planned and of course Wyatt was not ready to go to bed. I think he finally went to sleep (with daddy) at about 11. And he woke up bright and early Saturday morning.
We were so excited to find out that there was a model train show going on while we were in town. If you saw my POST from Friday then you saw that Sean has quite the train collection, and Wyatt loves it! So we knew we had to visit the show, even if the weather wasn't ideal.

Wyatt loved every second of it. I couldn't keep up with him so I'm glad Mimi could! He ran and ran from display to display. He definitely made a few of the collectors a little nervous. I think he only ended up knocking one off the track, ha!
We headed home and fed Wyatt lunch while daddy and Pop did some sledding behind the 4-wheeler. Wyatt was not in the mood to be outside in the snow, again. Then Pop and Mimi got him and sis down for their naps and Sean and I went to eat...by ourselves. I know, it's a small miracle. Stella even took a bottle for the first time and everything. It was so nice to eat at a restaurant and not be yelled at by a toddler. We also ran a few little errands and got Wyatt some little boots.
 Saturday evening the rest of our family came over. Brothers, sisters, cousins, etc. It was so great seeing everyone, even if it meant Wyatt was whiny and tired. I hope it's not just my kid. Every time we go visit family Wyatt shows the worst side of himself. I'm sure everyone thinks I have the whiniest, misbehaved child. oh, well.

Sunday morning we got up and around and got ready to head home. Wyatt helped Pop cook breakfast and read stories with Mimi. We then loaded up and headed down the mountain for home.

It was a great weekend and we got a lot done, despite the weather. Can't wait to see everyone again soon. It's hard living 5 hours away from Fayetteville and family but I always remind myself that we could be a lot further away.