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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Yesterday when I picked up Wyatt from school he had a major meltdown. He didn't want to leave. Now, obviously, I realize this is a good thing. But my little mama heart broke a little. Would he rather stay at school and play with his teacher and friends, than come home and play with me?? 
 So after his nap I went to his room, didn't turn on the light, and just layed with him as long as he let me. I swear at one point i looked at him and he was 15 years old. I sure hope he still cuddles with me then too. 
We layed there for a good 10 minutes. Which I'm pretty sure is the longest he's sat still in a while. Then he sat in bed while I read him some books. Five books to be exact. Then he decided he was ready to get up, so we played with blocks. 
It was so nice to just spend time alone with him. I feel like I hardly ever get to do that anymore. Not that I don't enjoy playing with him and Stella together but I feel like he needed that one on one mama time. He was so happy while we played. He never whined, asked for the TV, anything

It's definitely those little moments with him that I love and cherish. I hope they'll mean just as much to him one day.
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