Infant Must Haves | First 5 Months

Thursday, March 12, 2015

With everything going on around here lately I haven't been very good at keeping a list of Stella's favorite things. She's pretty laid back and pretty much happy wherever she is but there are few things that have helped us survive these first five months with two under two.
Stella would not take a pacifier for the first month, until I found these. This is the only one that she will take and thank goodness she does!  She mainly just uses it for when she needs soothing when she's fussy but I always keep one clipped on her.
Little Miss hates being put on her back or tummy. She wants to be sitting up and see what is going on around her, especially if Wyatt is in the room. I love that the Bumbo is small enough to move from room to room. We even take it with us when we travel.
This is what Stella has slept in since we brought her home from the hospital. I love that it rocks (manually) and vibrates. She has always slept great in it. She is starting to get a little long for it but she'll still lay in it at night. It folds up pretty small which is really nice. We've taken it with us to Fayetteville a couple of times.
When I was pregnant I made the decision to not get a new double stroller right away. We honestly don't use strollers that often so I wanted to wait until we absolutely needed one, especially since they're so expensive. Whenever Wyatt needs to be in the stroller I just wear Stella in this Bjorn carrier and she loves it. I use it quite a bit and she's always very happy, and most of the time falls asleep.
I actually received this as a gift when I was pregnant with Wyatt. I use it a lot more with Stella because we've been on-the-go a lot more with her. I love that it has a hoop in the top so I can still see her when she's covered. Plus, it has a pocket in the front which is good for things like Lanolin, nursing pads, and other nursing necessities.
When we got home from the hospital we didn't have a swing. We weren't really sure if we'd need one or not. Boy was I wrong. Our first day home Sean ran to the store and found this swing. I love that it has an AC adapter so you don't have to rely on batteries. Plus, it rocks like a cradle or a swing. Stella likes both ways and enjoys all of the songs.