{FIVE} Favorite Moments This Week

Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Friday, everyone!! Finally got my act together and got a post finished for today. I'm so glad the weekend is here and even more excited that Mimi and Pop are coming tomorrow! Let's get started, here are my favorite moments from the week.
When we had Stella's appointment at CHILDREN'S in Little Rock a couple of weeks ago everything turned out to be just fine. But the doctor did suggest that we start Stella on an iron based rice cereal. Stella has been showing signs of wanting to eat for over a month now but I was really trying to hold out as long as possible. After the appointment, and when she turned five months old, we thought we'd just go ahead and try it. Of course we knew she'd love it and she does. We just give her a tablespoon mixed with breast milk and she gobbles it down. She only gets it at dinner so any other time we sit at the table she gets mad and fusses when she doesn't get to eat too.
I know I mentioned last week that Wyatt had come down with the stomach bug. Well, by Monday Sean had it too. Thankfully Monday and Tuesday turned out to be really nice days so we got some outside time. I always feel like fresh air makes everyone feel better so we enjoyed it while we could.
Thursday was Crazy Hat Day at Wyatt's school and it also happened to be the day of Arkansas' first game in the NCAA National Championship! We were super excited to represent! And, if you didn't already know, we won!
I took this picture later in the day and I absolutely love it! That's the way Stella always looks at her big brother. Melt my heart.
This boy keeps me on my toes! You may have seen this on my INSTAGRAM but I think it's my favorite moment of the week, so I'm sharing again! Wyatt kept yelling "GO" at me this morning, I have  no idea where he wanted to go or why. I was in my pjs. I told him if he'd put on some pants and shoes we'd go. He leaves the room and comes back with his reindeer pajama pants and proceeds to put them on, all by himself. He then goes to Stella and gets her hat on her and starts trying to pick her up, all while saying "GO".  I remind him to put some shoes on so he grabs his boots (the same boots that he used to scream at me about because he hated them) and starts putting them on. I was so proud of him and asked if I could take his picture and send it to daddy....and this is the pose I get. OH.MY.GOSH. I was laughing so hard! It was the cutest thing!
I've been working on Wyatt's Easter basket and birthday list this week. I'm having a hard time really trying to narrow things down, there's just so much goodness!

Hope everyone has an amazing first weekend of Spring!!




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